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Silver Mountain

Welcome to our latest interior design project. Our team was tasked with a full home renovation that included a first floor complete restructure, bathroom upgrades and theater room on the second floor. Our goal was to create a cohesive and inviting atmosphere by implementing a variety of design elements that felt elevated and warm. The original home had a flow which was counterintuitive to our client’s vision. We reconfigured the walls to create an open concept floor plan that brought more light into the space and created an inviting atmosphere the original floor plan lacked. Additionally, we were able to create a dining area that was not present in the original layout.

Our favorite aspect of this project was pulling together a sophisticated kitchen that elevated the first floor of the home. Darker wood tones mixed with hand-made clay tiles, brass hardware and steel cabinets gave this space a luxurious vibe. The primary bathroom also utilized natural elements to create a spa-like environment that serves as a peaceful retreat for our clients. The rich blue tones of the Zellige tile and quartz countertops added texture and depth to the space. Christina Cruz Interiors was able to transform the home into a modern and functional living space that is a perfect environment for their client’s growing family.

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